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Thinking and making intertwine in an interdisciplinary approach to content and culture.  Limbird's own background in the humanities and design integrates narratives of culture, history and place into the conversation of the work.  Drawing and representation as ways of thinking, seeing and understanding continuously frame and re-frame the evolution of these lines of questioning and experimentation.


risd Architecture

This course addresses representation as an intellectual and technical endeavor essential to the conception, communication and construction of the built environment.


risd Architecture

At the root of the word analysis is the notion of “taking apart”. The careful craft in analysis leads to understanding, seeing, and the ability to synthesize and imagine.

The act of analysis could be considered a backward creative process, one that has the capacity to uncover new and previously unforeseen outcomes.


China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, China

The workshop is structured around the making of a series of spatial artifacts through the process of casting.  The process celebrates craft and a tactile understanding of material transformation from one state to another. 

Reversal, positive-negative, transference, inversion and mirror imaging are all qualities inherent in the process of casting, always involves a counterpart and prompts the viewer to see one thing in relation to another, to think in terms of the absent other and emptiness as anticipating a future occupation.


SIA International Education Institute

Often in pedagogical frameworks of architectural design projects, the outcome of the process is an experience, understood as a constructed environment.  This environment, made of materials, understood through the senses and communicated to us through our own, visceral translation of the world, intertwines lived and imagined paradigms.  The project is both a collection of memories and a proposal for a future that is yet to be. 

This conference paper presents a design process seeking these atmospheric ends, and questioning the beginning of the project.  Can we study, deeply, the experience of space through the senses to, then, generate the project of experience? 


Pratt Institute

This conference presentation focuses on the interdisciplinary pedagogy of the Pratt Integrative Course development and teaching.  Learning derived from previous work, personal experience and future interests intertwine in conversations of creative process through questioning and reflection.

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